About Us

“Another World Is Possible…”

Who we are?

The Association Working for the Homeless and Disadvantaged Groups in İzmir.
Saying that another world is possible, we want to offer a hot soup to the homeless, those who work on the street, and the disadvantaged groups and warm them with ‘HELLO’.

Association Name



Etiler Mah. 1270 Sok. No:10/A

Basmane - Konak / İZMİR

Our Story

In 2014, this story started with only two students named Sibel Arslan and Ece Altınörs, a soup they cooked at home and a bicycle in order to touch the lives of people living on the streets…
Sibel and Ece, who made a call on social media to reach more volunteers for the soup movement, which touched people’s hearts, received support from many volunteers, especially university students.
As the support of the benefactors increased, these soups were delivered to more needy people in İzmir.
We lost Sibel in 2018 due to the illness she was caught. Her friends, who want to continue the legacy of Sibel and keep her name alive. They took the charity movement one step further with the “Sokak Çorbacıları Aid Association”.
Now, We are walking as an association, as a big family.

Our vision, Our Mission, Our aim

Sibel explain all of these in the best way…